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2016 Cases

People v. N.G.  Alleged Gang Leader looking at 68 years of prison.  Case resolved for 4 years at half-time; based on having all of the gang charges dismissed pursuant to a motion based on a new caselaw based on People v. Sanchez. Here

People v. L. B.   Client with a prior "superstrike" and a regular strike, facing 25-life based on a drug sales case.  After preliminary hearing, the case was settled for 9 months in county jail.

2015 Cases

People v. J.E.  Client charged with possession, sales and transportation of 6 lbs of marijuana.  CHP Narcotics swat team raid with 9 police officers, stun grenades and a battering ram.  Dismissed after defense motion challenging the validity of the search warrant, and vigorous cross-examination of untruthful police officer.

P​eople v. S.C.   Client was charged with Armed Robbery and then multiple Gun and Drug Possession and Sales charges with multiple Enhancements that would require consecutive time in prison (see avvo recommendation by this client).  All charges were eventually dismissed.  Client now has a clean record and can pursue the education and lawful career that he aspires to.   News Articles: here, here, and here.

People v. T.F.  Client was charged with 2 counts of Armed Robbery.  Case resolved for one count of misdemeanor gun possession for home detention.  

People v. M.B.  Client was charged with Evading and Vandalism.  Case resolved for "pre-plea diversion" over prosecutor's objections (by a compassionate judge).  If client stays out of trouble for one year, case will be dismissed.

2014 Cases:

People v. R.V.   2nd Strike Case: Client was charged with 5 Counts with various Enhancements: Attempted Murder; Personal Discharge of a Firearm; Dissuading a Witness; Possession of a Controlled Substance; Shooting at an Inhabited Dwelling / Vehicle; and, Street Terrorism.  Client was looking at 15 to life with a 20 year and a 10 year enhancement.  Case was resolved for 4 years of State Prison at 1/2 time.

People v D.O.  Client was charged with 3 Counts: Criminal Threats; Street Terrorism, and the Gang Enhancement under PC 186.22(b).  Client was facing approximately 6 years of prison.  Case was resolved for a  No Contest plea to a Misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace for time served (about 3 weeks)


People v. E.V.  Client was charged with 2 Counts and enhancements; Vehicle Theft and Receiving Stolen Property, and with with 3 Prior Prison Enhancements on each count.

Case was dismissed and client was released from custody.

People v. S.I.  The "victim" in this case was a former prosecutor with the same District Attorney's office prosecuting the case.  This "victim" is an attorney that gives the rest of us a bad name by using the law in petty retribution against civilians.  This case was dismissed on the date of trial once the District Attorney realized that they would not only lose the trial, but probably suffer embarrassment before a jury.

People v. J.R.  Client charged with 3 counts of 1st Deg Burglary, and Gang Enhancements on each count.  Client facing possible 14 years prison. Gang Enhancements were dismissed at preliminary hearing, Client got 6 months (at 1/2 time) on 2nd Degree Burglary.

People v. T.H.  Client charged with  2 Counts: Transportation (of Meth), and Possession of Meth.  Transportation charge dismissed per AB 109, then Possession Charge reduced to misdemeanor for time served under Prop 47

People v. C.O.C. Client was charged with Possession of Meth, 2 Counts of Possession of Controlled Substance without Prescription, and an Infraction for Less than One Oz of Marijuana.  Case was resolved for the Marijuana Infraction ($100 fine), all other charges were dismissed.

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Caution; The results above are no guarantee as to the outcome of any future case outcomes, since every case is different.