Father Julio was falsely accused of molestation and felony false imprisonment based on the statements of a 16 year old girl.  The felony was dismissed after the Preliminary Hearing, and he was unanimously and vigorously acquitted of the other two charges by a thoughtful and compassionate jury after an arduous and emotional trial. Priest Not Guilty

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For almost a quarter of a century, Markus Dombois has worked to defend the accused.   He started his legal career in Hawaii as a Criminal Defense Investigator in 1991 for Attorney Philip H. Lowenthal.  During this time he worked on several high-profile federal cases (one case involving Japanese Yakuza, another involving 70 tons of hashish, and yet another case involving 39 Counts under RICO against a "drug lord" who had once paid off a judge to overturn a double murder conviction)  His previous experience as an Criminal Defense Investigator provides him with a unique ability to analyze the facts and utilize them in your favor.

​​The following is published with the express consent of the former clients:  In 2013, Attorney Dombois represented a visiting Colombian Priest (Father Julio Guarin-Sosa), a case that garnered international attention (via Univision and Telemundo, and other South American media) in large part because Father Guarin-Sosa had had the bad fortune to have been accused and arrested at the same time that a new pope was being elected  

Earlier in 2013, after 3 years of litigation and negotiation, Markus Dombois was able to negotiate a deal for his client Nicholas Prugo, a member of the notorious "Bling Ring." These were a group of teenage burglars who were claimed to have stolen millions in jewelry and designer clothing from Paris Hilton, Oliver Bloom, Lindsey Lohan and others.  Prugo Plea Deal. A movie by the same name and directed by Sophia Coppola was released later that year.  The Bling Ring. Also a novel by the same name was authored by Nancy Jo Sales.

Markus worked together with nationally renowned celebrity attorney Daniel A. Horowitz on this case and several cases prior to the Bling Ring case, all with excellent outcomes.

You can rest assured that once you have retained Markus Dombois, your case will also be litigated with the same determination and tenacity as any of the high-profile cases mentioned above.